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Shamit Tyagi released his first independent single music video in August 2011. Its called Superman.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hey so, all you girls out there, fasten your seat-belts before u here this:

yes girls, i know u r hurt, but that's the truth.
Shamit Tyagi married his college sweetheart Sumana Banerjee on 23rd November 2008 in Gaziabad!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shamit's Band

hey Guys..............the rockstar is all set make us groove.
yes, Shamit is cuming out wid his BAND that comprises him(as d singer),Mr.Madhur(as d guitarist) & Mr.Vaibhav(as d Drummer). They'll b making their debut wid a live performance at a private college Function in Mumbai on 20th September 2008 at 11am.
all d best guys.................we knw dat ur gonna rock d audiences!

Monday, June 30, 2008

People close to Shammu, sharing their memories with him.

Memories from Auntieji:
The bond that i share with Shamit is something that can never be expressed in mere wor4ds. What should I say about my son who has fulfilled all my dreams that I saw as a Parent. The only things I can say about him at this point are the facts that he is very sweet & extremely caring child. God Bless.


Memories from Sumana Bhabhi:
Shamit is another name for energy, vibrancy and happiness.
Even at first meeting he has the capacity to make anybody and everybody comfortable with his mere smile. Everyone knows that he is a brilliant singer but to me his voice has such a natural magic which can make even thousands of people spellbound at one go. After a decade of relationship with him I can say that he is the most genuine and wonderful person I have ever known. On his birthday I wish that all our dreams come true, because he deserves this.

-Love always,

Memories from Reema Di:
It is really injustice to my feeling to describe my brother Shamit as a person in some words. In fact it is next to impossible for me to do so. But when I have got an opportunity to say or write something about him I would not
miss that for sure. It was really awesome and a pleasure knowing him as a person, as a human being, and above all as a brother. It was now three years that I know him. He is a very down to earth person. He walked in my life when I was going through a very tough time, as during that period I lost my mother for ever. He came into my life as an angel, pulled me out of the deep gorge of suffering. Life became very simple as he supported me on that particular time from his heart. Suddenly one day I realized that he is in my life for some reason. I have accepted him as a precious gift from my mom, who taught me again how to smile and be happy. He brought me to Buddhism, the supreme philosophy, to overcome all my struggle, suffering and hardships of life. He has been a great support to me. If given a chance to describe my brother in one word, I would feel extremely proud to say that he is just “incredible”. It is again a matter of pride for me to know him as a friend, a philosopher and a guide.

S sincere
H honest
A adorable
M melodious
I incredible
T trustworthy.

This is Shamit my brother for me.

-Reema Di

Memories from Namit, Apoorv & Harsh:

Bhaiyaa has always been immense support to us. He is one person who we can approach to for any thing without any hesitation. He always encourages us to achieve our goals with courage & dignity. I remember, it was once on 20th January 2008, Shamit Bhaiyaa took us(Namit, Apoorv & Harsh) & Sumana Bhabhi for a lunch at a Delhi Restaurant. That day, all we five people had some serious talks & one constant thing was the encouragement from Bhaiyaa. That day, he constantly encouraged all of us to grow as humans in all sectors of life. He advised to understand ourselves & be true to ourselves so that we can honestly work towards our goals. As a mark of it, we decided that every year, on the same date, at the same place all we five people will be celebrating & the only difference will be in the host of the treat. that day, more than party, it turned out to be learning as well as growing experience for us. That day, we truly realized the meaning of "work hard party harder" funda.


-Namit, Apoorv & Harsh

Memories from Ruchi Didi

I remember, once when I was in Gaziabad & I had to go somewhere, Shamit insisted on dropping me at my destination. I agreed to it & then, we proceeded. We sat on the scooter & as soon as he started the scooter, we both fell down from it & that was one moment of my life with Shamit that I can never forget.

-Ruchi di,

Memories from Shambu:
It is really a great pleasure for me write about this special person in my life named "Shamit Tyagi." I am his pet dog in Gaziabad. When his family domesticated me, approximately at that time itself, he left to Mumbai. Hence, I can't recognize him! Moreover, he keeps changing his hairstyles every now & then & because of this; it becomes extremely difficult for me to identify him. Since I can't identify him properly, whenever he pay6s a visit to Gaziabad & comes in front of me, I usually start barking at him & run to have a bite of him. I really share a very special bond with him...........& I must say this.


Memories From Arijit Bhaiyaa:

(Extract from an Interview)
Shamit Bhaiyaa, as everyine knows, is very close to me. We have shared many sweet memories together but today, I would like to share one of the prank that I played on him. Once when Shamit bhaiyaa & Mona were singing their duet & I was on the nut board in the studio, something clicked me & I decided to play a prank on them. I did some mischief on the nut board as I was aware of its working. This caused the production of various yips & yells of both of their voices. The sound that was produced was a mixture of their voices & sounded different every time. This worried & confused them as they were singing very seriously. It was much later that they got to know that I was behind all this manipulation of sound.

-Arijit Singh

Memories from Mona Di:
(Extract from an Interview)
There are many toughing memories that I have shared with Shamit Bhaiyaa. One of them is an incident that took place at Lalitji's residence during the making of the album. All three of us went there for some work but Lalit sir had to suddenly go out for some urgent work.
Hence, Arijit & I decided to plan a movie but, that day, Shamit bhaiyaa's mood was not good so, he requested for the other day. In front of bhaiyaa we pretended to ourselves & left Lalitji's house. We waited for him below Lalitji's house but he didn't turn there for a long time. So, we went to eat something when, even after that much time he failed to respond, we gave a call a Lalitji's house & the Guitarist there said us that bhaiyaa just left from there. We rushed to Lalitji's home & were shocked to see bhaiyaa waiting for us. His instincts made him wait & made him think that we can't leave him & go. That was funny as well as touching. Then we happily went & saw 'Happy Feet'.

-Mona Bhatt

Memories from Arunima Di:

When I first spoke to him, I could hardly believe myself. A huge fan of his, I got his number from an unknown person. I had called him up, but when he took the phone, I got dumbfounded…. He kept saying hello hello for a couple of times, and then I recovered from my awe, and finally spoke to him.
I could hardly believe myself. When Partha came back from office I began relating him the whole story my having actually spoken to Shamit for next 45 min. at length… Gosh I was sooo happy. I felt I had touched the moon. After that there has been no looking back. He has become one of the closest friends I have, and I dare to be myself with him. He is one of the few people who have accepted me with all my follies. Another moment that I can never forget is when I went to receive him at the International airport when he returned from US. I saw him for the first time in person. I’ll never forget him coming out with that trolly full of huge bags, and that wonderful grin on his face, the most brilliant smile I have ever seen.

I’ll never be able to thank him enough, for being there, without exception, always.. in the most difficult times, for understanding, for giving me a life transforming philosophy and for accepting me as I am.

-Arunima Karmakar

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dedication To Shamit

A Simple Dedication:-

In 1995, there lived a four-year-old bubbly & chirpy girl was really naughty & childish at heart. Day by day, week by week, year by year, slowly & steadily, by 2005, she grew in to a fourteen year old existing....................literally existing teenager. In this period, she went through many ups & downs in her life, realized the cruelty & selfish nature of the world & its habitants.
Being gentle & tender hearted, cruel world did not appeal to her. She could not take the selfishness around her readily & finally lost all her hopes of a peaceful environment around her. Her hopes being dead, finally she succumbed! Then, the evening of 8 September 2005 changed things forever. This day witness her crying vigorously first time due to the elimination of a reality show contestant. She did not know what made her cry. When she did a research on the person that connected to her immensely, she not only found the reason for crying so much but she gained much more. She not only got an Idol but was also blessed with a person who gave her wandering life a straight direction. He gave her a mission to live & a cause to die for! He gave "MEANING TO HER MEANINGLESS LIFE." He bought life in that merely existing girl. It was the inspiration that the girl got from her Idol, which made it possible for a girl like her, who didn't even had the guts to dream for happiness, to rise from gallows & dream of conquering the skies. The Idol was "Shamit Tyagi" & the girl was I................Rupali
Bhaiyaa, you know what? You are the one who should be given the cent percent credit of transforming me. It was your influence on me that gave me the guts to dream, taught me the "Power of opportunities," made me capable of experimenting with life & above all, it made a faint heart brave enough to face the challenges of life as they come. Since then, there was no looking back. On 18 February 2008, on the eve of my principal's Birthday, when I went to her cabin to wish her, the words by which she welcomed me in her cabin when she saw me were,” Gem of the School." At that moment, you were the first person who came to my mind because if I am a gem, then you the one transformed this "Delicate brittle glass in to a gem."
That moment gave me immense happiness. Since the day you started replying my E-mails, you always asked me to make you proud & become an example for all children. I yet have not bought that day in your life but those words from principal mam made me realize that I am on the right track. The other reason for immense happiness at that moment was that I did not let your confidence down. My principal praised me maybe because I never let her trust down when it came to representing my school in competitions. However, to do this, I was required to have the guts to experiment with new things, understand the value of opportunities & above all, "self-confidence." You gave all this to me. You made me capable enough of proudly looking into people's eyes. You are the One.
Your influence on me is immense enough that I can never encapsulate it in mere words. At times, I have even disobeyed you & I am genuinely sorry for that. I never in tented to hurt you or disobey you but, at times, circumstances slotted me in strange situations.
I know that I can never sufficiently repent for all the times I disobeyed you & neither can I ever, in any form thank you enough for all what you have done for me. Now, on the eve of your birthday, "I PROMISE YOU THAT I WILL HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE TOWARDS LIFE, WON'T DO ANY NASTY THINGS, WILL ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOU NO MATTER WHAT & WILL ALSO "TRY" TO UNDERSTAND & LISTEN TO MOM."


Rupali Tyagi.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Shammu's Favourites

Favourite actresses:Aishwarya Rai Bachchan & Rani Mukherjee

Favourite actor:Shah Rukh Khan

Favourite singers:Sonu Niigaam, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle

Favourite movie:King Kong

Favourite perfume:Calvin Klien

Favourite colour:Red,Blue & Black

Favourite dishes:Daal Chawal & Potato curry

Favourite sport:Swimming